Set up an Alert to Replace your Running Shoes

Shoe cushioning deteriorates over time. As you accumulate more and more mileage in your shoes, they become thinner and stiffer.

When you run in a shoe that’s thinner and stiffer after 500 miles of training, your leg muscles are tuned to be looser, compensating for the shock absorption lost from your shoes.

Good news! Now you can set up an alert to replace your running shoes.

You can set up two alerts, one for your road running shoes and another for your mountain running shoes.

Steps to set up your alert (now only available from RunnerSquare’s website and tablet versions. Coming soon also on RunnerSquare app):

  1. Select My Shoes option from scroll down menu
  2. Activate alert and define when to receive your running shoes replacement alert depending on distance ran.

Alert to Replace Running Shoes


From alert date activation, we will count your running distance with your selected running shoes and will notify you via email when it is time to replace it.