How to improve GPS signal on your Android device

Not all GPS sensors are built equal or have the same quality, with those in different phones having vastly varying levels of precision usually related to the cost of the device. While poor GPS signal could be a hardware problem, often some of the problems can be solved by tweaking your system settings.

Below your will find some quick tips to make sure you have the hardware configuration set right.

     1. Update your android software version to latest version

Some old android versions do not have some new android GPS configuration features such High accuracy GPS option at the GPS menu that help to improve GPS signal accuracy.

     2. Turn Location On

Make sure Location mode is On.

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     3. Set your android device to High accuracy mode

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     4. Disable Wifi network before and during your workout

We have found that in some android devices Wifi activated on android devices may cause some blocking problems at the time of connecting the app to the Internet. If you have a fair network connection without wifi, we suggest to disable temporally Wifi networks before and during workouts.

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     5. Wait until RunnerSquare has located you on the map before starting the workout

Give 15-30sec to the device to get GPS signal and locate you. If you start running before device has GPS signal you will lose data or the data you will be getting will be not accurate.

If you feel there are some issues with your GPS connection on your device, you can also Intall and check out GPS Essentials from Google Play: