How To Launch A Corporate Wellness Program That Works

Forbes Magazine recently published an interesting article on How To Launch a Corporate Wellness Program that Works inspired on a recently published Harvard Business Review article

We, at RunnerSquare Corporate Wellness Division have been working now from more than two years implementing our Corporate Wellness Solution to support Corporate Wellnes Programs, as a digital hub and communication tool where both companies and employees work on the Wellness Programs together.

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From the Forbes (original Harvard Business Review) article, we are fully agree but wanted to highlight how important is internal marketing and communication strategy supporting it.

If you’re going to invest in a corporate wellness program, you obviously need to get something out of it. One mistake you’ll often see is that organizations spend a lot of time developing a program and then do a poor job of building excitement and engagement.

 Forbes article describe some strategies you can implement to ensure this doesn’t happen:
  • Apply marketing principles. In the beginning stages, you need to treat your program like you would treat a product you’re selling. Marketing will go a long way towards increasing visibility and driving participation. Make sure you’re developing and circulating materials in the workplace. Putting up flyers in the break room is one practical suggestion, as is mentioning new developments in a weekly internal email newsletter.
  • Focus on benefits over features. After spending time developing a corporate wellness program, it’s easy to get caught up in the various elements of the program itself – such as health screenings, workout plans, etc. – but be careful not to only focus on the features. In order to encourage buy-in, you need to focus on the benefits. What do employees have to gain from participating?
  • Develop an incentive plan. Some employees will participate because they’re interested in being healthy, while others will need a little more coaxing. For this latter group, a targeted incentive plan is a great idea.

If the launch goes well, then you can feel better about the long-term sustainability of the program.

Source: Forbes & Harvard Business Review