New RunnerSquare App Release

We are proud to announce that today we released a new update for the iOS and Android app, now available on Apple Store and Google Play.

New app version includes:

– Cycling and Swiming activities included
– New activity dashboard
– Challenges and Causes. Join it, have fun and help others while working out
– Weight control dashboard
– Running shoes replacement alert system
– Improved tracking accuracy
Update now iOS Version | Update now Android Version


Join a Challenge or Cause

Check Out for Workout History


Your workout has more value using RunnerSquare

We help you taking care of your knees!


Your weight under control!


Take a picture and share your best workout moments!


Track and Map your workout!

RunnerSquare workout map tracking

Check Out who’s running in your area!



RunnerSquare Corporate Wellness Solution

RunnerSquare has developed RS Corporate Solution, an advanced tool fully customized for companies to promote and manage Corporate Wellness programs related to running, walking and cycling.

Our technology allows any company to own their internal Corporate Wellness digital environment where to challenge employees and help them to achieve healthy activity goals.

Example: “Kilómetros para recordar” challenge was a fully customized challenge to rise 20,000€ for Alzheimer’s disease. More than 3,000 participants ran and walk more than 40,000km. Just in 3 weeks goal was achieved!

Kilometros para recordar challenge - Spain Sept 2015

RunnerSquare toolkit offers ultimate activity tracking technology through RunnerSquare free app.

In case employees want to use their own activity tracking device (watch or app), don’t worry, we are also connected to it!.

Want to know more about RS Corporate Solution?. Write us here.

You may be interested also in learning how Obamacare program is doing with Corporate Wellness. Here are a couple of interesting sites:

The Impact of Obamacare on Corporate Wellness Programs

National Healthy Worksite Program



RunnerSquare Training Programs: Get out of that Running Rut

We’ve all been there before. Nothing is more plaguing to a runner than feeling as if you are stuck in a rut. Whether it is going your normal route, pulling on the same chafing shoes, too-similar-morning slumps or the frustration when you just cannot beat your last PR no matter how hard you try – we get it.

We at RunnerSquare, the running network made for runners by runners, have been there before, too. When we were designing our app, we wanted to make sure to provide all our runners with a way to spruce things up and break free from their mundane routines. That is why we created the RunnerSquare Challenges and specially designed Training Programs!

How does it work?

  • Set a workout goal and get audio feedback as you go to help you reach it (It’s almost as if you had your own personal trainer with you!)
  • Raise your RS Level by adding and improving your workouts over time
  • Compete for a chance to be in a top ranking position in the RunnerSquare network
  • Participate in RS Prize for a chance to win prizes
  • Use our complete set of Training Programs to reach customized goals
  • Track your running metrics with our Pace Calculator to measure progress
  • Interact and inspire other runners by sharing your goals, achievements and photos from your workouts and competitions

IMG_8298 Training Programs

You can set up your goals to get specific training and track your pace mobily and for free.

Take advantage of the Training Program and Pace Calculator features and many more to make the most of your running experience.

Download RunnerSquare for free on iOS and Android devices.

Happy running!

RunnerSquare nominated for the Running Awards


RunnerSquare could not be having a more eventful week. After officially launching the app earlier this week and sponsoring an HP race in Barcelona, RunnerSquare has been nominated for the 2015 Running Awards.

The Running Awards are an annual awards ceremony celebrating the best of running and its culture, from the best shoes and marathons to the most exciting apps.

Voting for the 2015 winners is now open, and we need your help to win! Download RunnerSquare, try it out, and vote for us online.

Happy voting, and more importantly, happy running!



Introducing RunnerSquare!

Today, after more than a year of hard work, we are happy to announce the release of RunnerSquare: a social media community made for runners by runners.logo-whitebg

RunnerSquare brings the latest geolocation technology to your smartphone to help you measure your workout performances, advance toward your fitness goals and share your experience with your running community.

The RunnerSquare app and website combine a simple, intuitive platform design with tools to record, measure and maximize your runs.

With RunnerSquare, you can:

  • Connect with your fitness friends, racing teammates and the fellow runners you have yet to meet.
  • Post text updates, photos and videos to your running profile to encourage and inspire other runners.
  • Track and analyze the metrics of your workouts, receive audio feedback and use the GPS location tool to map where you move in real time.
  • Get introduced to other runners in your local neighborhood and around the world.
  • Find home stay opportunities with other runners when you travel for races, marathons and fun runs.

When we designed RunnerSquare, we placed runners first and metrics second — a key differentiator from how other running services think and work.

As runners ourselves, we share your passion for all things running. We know that a runner’s lifestyle is so much more than just the race.

Your running story starts with your training routines, favorite shoes, eating habits, good luck charms, traveling adventures and learning experiences along the way — all the little things that make your reason to run unique.

You can try RunnerSquare for free, simply click here to register now and start running. You can download RunnerSquare for iOS and Android from our website.

We hope you enjoy running with RunnerSquare as much as we enjoyed developing it for you!