Virtual Triathlon Challenge

This month we challenge you to do a Virtual Triathlon (full Ironman distance equivalent).

RunnerSquare Virtual Triathlon Challenge

It is very simple to say, but not so easy to do.  Are you ready for…?

Swim 3.800 meters (4,155 yards) | Join here

Ironman -Swimming Challenge RunnerSquare

Ride 180 km (112 miles) | Join here

Ironman Cycling Challenge RunnerSquare

Run a Marathon (42 Km | 26 miles) | Join here

Ironman Running Challenge RunnerSquare

For those who don’t like too much exercise, you can join to our Walking Challenge and walk 30 Km (18,6 miles) in May.


RunnerSquare Team

Join our April Fitness Challenges

We invite you to join to the Fitness Challenges we have prepared for you on April:

Running Challenge

May be you cannot go to run the Boston Marathon this year, but we challenge you to run 42Km (26.2 miles) on April?. Are you ready?

Boston Marathon

Bike Challenge

How fit are you riding a bike? We challenge you to ride uphill 4,500 meters (14,763 feet) on April.

RunnerSquare Bike Challenge


Swimming Challenge

Let’s see how swimmer are you. We challenge you to start swimming 1,500 meters (1,640 yards) on April.

RunnerSquare Swimming Challenge

How to Join a Challenge?

Very easy!

If you are using RunnerSquare’s app, go to Challenges option at the side menu bar and once you are in the Challenges screen, swipe on the icon of the  Challenge you want to join.

RunnerSquare Challenges

RunnerSquare Challenges Screen


In case you are connecting to RunnerSquare using other apps or wearables, you can join to a Challenge through the website version. Tap on the Challenges option at the menu and click the Join.

At the time to import your fitness data it will be counting for the challenge you joined automatically.

RunnerSquare Challenges Website Screen


RunnerSquare Corporate Wellness Solution

RunnerSquare has developed RS Corporate Solution, an advanced tool fully customized for companies to promote and manage Corporate Wellness programs related to running, walking and cycling.

Our technology allows any company to own their internal Corporate Wellness digital environment where to challenge employees and help them to achieve healthy activity goals.

Example: “Kilómetros para recordar” challenge was a fully customized challenge to rise 20,000€ for Alzheimer’s disease. More than 3,000 participants ran and walk more than 40,000km. Just in 3 weeks goal was achieved!

Kilometros para recordar challenge - Spain Sept 2015

RunnerSquare toolkit offers ultimate activity tracking technology through RunnerSquare free app.

In case employees want to use their own activity tracking device (watch or app), don’t worry, we are also connected to it!.

Want to know more about RS Corporate Solution?. Write us here.

You may be interested also in learning how Obamacare program is doing with Corporate Wellness. Here are a couple of interesting sites:

The Impact of Obamacare on Corporate Wellness Programs

National Healthy Worksite Program