Add Workout History from Garmin, Polar and Runsense

At RunnerSquare we keep moving to improve your running & walking experience.

We are proud to announce that you have already available a new feature that allow you to import your Garmin, Polar, Runsense and other .GPX (data file extension) sport watches history at once to your RunnerSquare profile.

Follow below steps to import your data history (only from RunnerSquare website and tablet versions):

  1. Select Workout option at the website bar menu
  2. Click on Add Workout option
  3. Select “Import history” to upload .ZIPX file with all workout data (before you will need to export .ZIPX file from your watch website console).
  4. Once you have uploaded file, you can choose between Save or “Save & publish” option in case you want to make your workout data private or public.

Add Workout - RunnerSquare

Import workout data history from Garmin, Polar, Runsense...