20 Ways to Add Physical Activity to Your Day

The Employee Wellness team at the University of Vermont Medical Center has launched ONE SMALL THING Program to promote a healthy lifestyle.

One Small Thing - Physical Activity & Nutrition Program

They suggest 20 ways to add physical activity to your day.

  1. Here’s an activity that’s always right at your fingertips — or should we say, toe-tips? Walking. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes. Choose a favorite place to walk, or grab a co-worker and go for a walk around the office.
  2. Take the “long cut” instead of a short cut. A long cut means creating a longer walking route to your destinations so you can build in more time in your day to move.
  3. Find some exercises you can do during a TV commercial break. You can stretch, do lunges, or even try some sit-ups.
  4. If you work in an office, you can still stay active. Stand up instead of sitting down. Stretch throughout the day. And take the stairs when you can. Set an alarm a couple of times a day to remind yourself to move.
  5. Concerned that adding more physical activity to your life might come at your family’s expense? Be active WITH your family. Play catch together. Go for a walk. Shoot hoops.
  6. Next time you and a significant other are getting away for the evening, try dinner and a walk instead of dinner and a movie. It’s a great time to connect while you generate some energizing movement.
  7. Parking your car 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 of a mile away from your job or an appointment can add a lot of convenient walking into your daily routine. Experiment with this idea and see how it works for you.
  8. Be intentional! Whatever activity you enjoy, schedule it on your computer or smartphone with a calendar alert that reminds you to get up and move.
  9. Parents who drop their kids at soccer practice can squeeze activity into their schedule naturally. Go for a run around your child’s field as you wait. Walk up and down the bleachers. You deserve to move, too!
  10. Got a meeting at the office? Take your colleagues for a walk. If you need to take notes, use the recording app on your smartphone and you won’t forget anything.
  11. Whenever you need a boost of energy, close the door, turn up the music, and crank up your heart rate by dancing.
  12. Sometimes, you need to fill your lungs with fresh air. So give yourself the gift of getting outside — to a park, on a wooded trail, or just outside the building where you work. Even 2-10 minutes will do wonders.
  13. Chores don’t have to just be chores. Vacuuming the house, mowing the lawn, and washing the car all count as great physical activities that you can add to your life and add life to your day!
  14. Giving your dog the exercise he needs can help you get a boost of energizing activity. So get the leash and head out the door.
  15. Got a minute? Set a timer and do a high-energy activity you like — jumping rope, doing lunges, running in place. Scientific studies show that 60 seconds of strenuous exertion prove to be as successful at improving health and fitness as 45 minutes of moderate exercise.
  16. Remember having fun in little league? Team sports aren’t just for kids. Call up friends and get a game going. Get on a team. Maybe even join a quidditch league, unless you’re a muggle.
  17. When it’s time for a call, get off the sofa or out of your chair. Stand or walk around your house or office as you talk.
  18. Not every physical activity has to elevate your heartbeat. So stroll around the neighborhood after dinner instead of sitting on the sofa. It’s a great transition to the rest of your night.
  19. Go to the playground with your family. The swings and the monkey bars are just some of ways we used to get exercise as kids…and they still count as adults.
  20. Research shows that sitting for a long time may be bad for your health. So take any activity you’d normally do sitting down — a meeting, watching TV, sitting in the bleachers — and stand up. Even just standing counts toward better health.

See the video: http://bfpne.ws/2rMDXCz

Acces the Program: https://justonesmallthing.org/

Running: Burn off Christmas Dinner Calories Infographic

How long does it take to burn off your favourite junk food running?

Christmas Dinner

Take a look to our Burn off Christmas Dinner Calories Infographic. Check out how far do you need to run to burn off your Christmas dinner before you eat too much :-)

Please note this is an estimation based on a 153 pounds (70kg) runner, running at an average pace of 9’5 minutes/mile (6’/Km). This is an approximation for your reference only.

Click on the image below to zoom in. Pounds & Miles units version.

Running: Burn off Christmas Dinner Calories

Click on the image below to zoom in. Kilograms & Kilometers units version.

Quema las calorías navideñas

Lifestyle changes that make a difference to your performance and wellbeing

We know making a change in your day to day routine can feel like moving a mountain but they make a difference and although some are more challenging than others they are simple enough to slowly integrate into your life. These simple changes make a powerful difference in your day to day health and performance as a new or experienced athlete.


Planning it out will help you stay on track, pick one a week or bi-weekly to begin integrating into your daily schedule.


  • Sleep is so important.  When you’re tired you are less likely to be motivated to prepare your meals ahead of time, exercise or even be your most productive self.  Sleeplessness can be quite counterproductive.  Try to go to bed at the same time each night, power down the electronics at least one hour before bedtime, dim the lights, ditch caffeine by 3:00, and try to rise at the same time each day.
    • We like to power down with a quick yoga routine or a nice book.
  • Eat healthfully: You know the drill! Shop the perimeter of the store (fruits, veggies, meats), try to buy organic when you can, keep your foods simple, look for items that don’t need an ingredients list, eat lean proteins, whole grains (if you do grains), and keep your diet heavy on the veggies.
    • Ever tried Kale Chips? Eating vegetables just got better. (Recipe Below)
  • Water: drink half your bodyweight in ounces – add more for hot weather or sweaty activities.
    • Slice lemons, cucumbers, fresh mint or even make some caffeine free iced tea.


  • Exercise: some is always better than none.  Try for at least three days per week, but preferably five days.
    • Go for a run with a friend or by yourself to clear your mind, soak up Vitamin D and get some fresh air.
  • REPEAT! Consistency is key!


A healthy lifestyle is merely a series of healthy habits. We all have habits and routines we follow daily whether we think about them or not. Over time they become as natural as brushing your teeth – you feel off if you don’t do it!


Keep yourself organized so you don’t feel stressed out about adding these activities to your schedule.  Use a planner, your cell phone to help you keep a To-Do List or whatever method works for you.  Set up a rough schedule at the beginning of your week before you go grocery shopping or during the weekend when your work stress is at a minimum.


Kale Chips Recipe:


  • 1/2 bunch kale leaves (if you buy from Trader Joes they come pre-cut)
  • 1/2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil or melted coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon fine grain sea salt, pink Himalayan sea salt


  1. Preheat oven to 300F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Remove leaves from the stems of the kale and roughly tear it up into large pieces. Wash and spin the leaves until thoroughly dry.
  3. Add kale leaves into a large bowl. Massage in the oil until all the nooks and crannies are coated in oil — free moisturizer for your hands. Now sprinkle on the spices/seasonings and toss to combine.
  4. Spread out the kale onto the prepared baking sheet into a single layer, being sure not to overcrowd the kale.
  5. Bake for 10 minutes, rotate the pan, and bake for another 12-15 minutes more until the kale begins to firm up. The kale will look shrunken, but this is normal. We bake it for 20-25 mins. total in the oven.
  6. Cool for just a few minutes  and then eat immediately! (they lose crispness with time.)