New York City Marathon Live Tracking

For those runners going on Sunday to The New York City Marathon, RunnerSquare provides a free live tracking system through RaceLiveTrack.

New York City Marathon Live Tracking


If you are a runner and would like your parents and peers to follow your race in real time, just go to RaceLiveTrack and Sign Up (while signing up, you will need to click on The New York City Marathon race to activate the real time tracking system). Follow the instructions appearing on the page, are very simple steps.

For your paertns and peers, you only will need to provide this link to them and your bid number.

Enjoy and Google Luck!!!



RunnerSquare launches RaceLiveTrack

Today RunnerSquare has launched a new service called RaceLiveTrack. This is a Real Time Sport Event tracking system that allows to follow athletes in Real Time during a running or cycling race.

Real Time Sport Event Tracking System

Race Live Tracking


The service is free both for athletes and for race organizers and is available through RaceLiveTrack website.

The service aims to increase participation of athlete’s relatives and friends into races by providing a Real Time Athlete Tracking during all the race, not only giving split times on specific checking points.

RaceLiveTrack is very easy to use, and only two steps are requiered:

  1. Sign Up or login (with the same credentials as RunnerSquare member) at RaceLiveTrack to activate your next race.
  2. Use RunnerSquare app during the race, available on iOS and Android app markets.

New races are included weekly and as the service is new, there still many to be included. If you want your next race to be included, you can write to suggesting to include it.