Race organized by HP, sponsored by Runnersquare is a huge success

More than 600 runners wait for the GaS race to begin. The race was organized by HP and sponsored by RunnerSquare.

More than 600 runners wait for the GaS race to begin. The race was organized by HP and sponsored by RunnerSquare.

Only two days after its launch, RunnerSquare is hitting the ground running due to its sponsorship of a race organized by Hewlett Packard (HP) which took place on Oct. 23.

On a warm and sunny day in the city of Barcelona, HP and RunnerSquare united their strengths to celebrate a very special day.

For the North American multinational corporation, today was the ninth annual celebration of their solidarity event, a race called GaS, which took place within Charity Week. HP also celebrated its 75th anniversary. At the same time, for RunnerSquare, today represented the starting point of a social network that will spark much conversation.

RunnerSquare gifted every participating runner with a hat and a flyer introducing itself as a social network created by runners and for runners.

The race, which consisted of 7.5 kilometers and started at 1 p.m., attracted more than 600 participants, a record breaking number.

Many stopped by since 11:30 a.m. to pick up their race shirts and the special gift of the race, a RunnerSquare technical runner’s hat.

The winner of the race completed the course in just a little over 28 minutes, an impressing time considering the demanding profile of the terrain.

Outside of the race course, there were countless curious people who asked about the new RunnerSquare application and showed real excitement and interest after discovering some of its unique and distinguishing features such as Runners Around and Travel Running.

We encourage you to check out our application and, more than anything, enjoy running!


Introducing RunnerSquare!

Today, after more than a year of hard work, we are happy to announce the release of RunnerSquare: a social media community made for runners by runners.logo-whitebg

RunnerSquare brings the latest geolocation technology to your smartphone to help you measure your workout performances, advance toward your fitness goals and share your experience with your running community.

The RunnerSquare app and website combine a simple, intuitive platform design with tools to record, measure and maximize your runs.

With RunnerSquare, you can:

  • Connect with your fitness friends, racing teammates and the fellow runners you have yet to meet.
  • Post text updates, photos and videos to your running profile to encourage and inspire other runners.
  • Track and analyze the metrics of your workouts, receive audio feedback and use the GPS location tool to map where you move in real time.
  • Get introduced to other runners in your local neighborhood and around the world.
  • Find home stay opportunities with other runners when you travel for races, marathons and fun runs.

When we designed RunnerSquare, we placed runners first and metrics second — a key differentiator from how other running services think and work.

As runners ourselves, we share your passion for all things running. We know that a runner’s lifestyle is so much more than just the race.

Your running story starts with your training routines, favorite shoes, eating habits, good luck charms, traveling adventures and learning experiences along the way — all the little things that make your reason to run unique.

You can try RunnerSquare for free, simply click here to register now and start running. You can download RunnerSquare for iOS and Android from our website.

We hope you enjoy running with RunnerSquare as much as we enjoyed developing it for you!