Connect your RunnerSquare profile to Fitness Apps, Wearables and Watches

As a RunnerSquare member, from now on if you are using other Fitness Apps, Wearables or Watches you can set up automatic connection with them. It means that once you set up the connection, your activity fitness data will be imported directly to your RunnerSquare profile automatically. We check out 3 times a day if you have performed any new activity. When found a new activity, the system automatically will import your workout data to your RunnerSquare profile.

RunnerSquare is an open digital platform where members can use their preferred measuring device or app. We like ourselves to be defined as the “Switzerland” of physical activity tracking data repository, as we do not belong to any commercial brand nor have specific branded interest as the major fitness Apps, Wearables and Watches have today in the market (as most of them belong to big commercial fitness or sport brands).

You may use RunnerSquare iOS or Android app, but in case you want to use other activity tracking device, you can set up  the Automatic Connect feature following below steps:

Important: Automatic Connect feature is only available on the website version

  1. Go to and Sign In
  2.  Press Side Menu Bar icon and click on SettingsRunnerSquare Connect Settings
  3.  At the new Menú Bar displayed, select Connect optionRunnerSquare Connect Settings
  4. Choose your preferred fitness tracking App, Wearable or Watch by pressing the Connect or +Info button and follow the instructions.RunnerSquare ConnectOnce you are connected, we will be updating your profile daily with your latest activities automatically.

Import your activity history from Strava

Remember you can import your activity history from different wearables and activity apps to RunnerSquare.

Strava is also one of those activity tracking apps from which you can import your activity history.

Import your activity history from Strava in just 1 click:

  1. Go to Workouts -> Add Workout
  2. Select Import from other apps -> Strava
  3. Login to Strava and that’s all! Your activity history will be uploaded automatically (be aware only run & walk related activities will be uploaded).

Import activity history from Strava

Polar announced a connection between Strava and Polar Flow which is already available. It means that if you have a Polar watch now you are also in Strava, so only 1 click away from RunnerSquare.