Gym Bag Essentials for Runners

The holidays are long gone and time seems like it is speeding past you, we know the feeling. RunnerSquare has come up with a few helpful items for you to keep in your car or your gym bag to help you as you get ready for a run and recover post-workout!

RunnerSquareGym Bag Essentials:

  1. Prepare snacks the night before; always have a protein bar or some protein powder handy. About 10 percent of the calories you consume should be protein. This will help you tone, build muscle and keep your energy high.
  2. Keep an extra pair of running shoes tucked under your chair or in your office for an impromptu workout. You don’t want your footwear to be the only thing holding you back when a little healthy spontaneity strikes!
  3. Keep reusable water bottles filled and around your house. Drinking at least eight ounces of water a day clears out toxins and keeps you from getting dehydrated when you’re ready to run.
  4. Store some small samples of deodorant, body spray and hair care so you can freshen up after a sweat session. Ladies: gather hair ties, headbands and bobby pins in a baggie to fix flyaways and keep your hair fresh.
  5. Tuck away hand sanitizer to keep germs at the gym from cramping your schedule with a nasty bug. Nobody wants to take home the flu, and your post-workout, tired body is more susceptible to attacks.
  6. Throw a few headphones into the bag because being without your tunes can make or break a workout.
  7. Download RunnerSquare and take your phone with you before breakfast, during your lunch break or for your sunset stroll to record your progress and reach your goals.