World Health Organization global action plan to promote physical activity

World Health Organization launched this month the consultation on the draft global action plan to promote physical activity. The development of this action plan represents unprecedented high-level support for the physical activity agenda and reflects the advancement in science as well as the effective advocacy efforts of many NGOs and civil society.

Physical Activity

The over-arching goal of the strategy is to get one hundred million people more active by 2030.

To achieve this goal, the draft action plan is structured into four key areas for action:

  1. Creating an active society, aims to create societies with positive attitudes and values towards physical activity, through increasing knowledge and awareness among the public and professionals.
  2. Creating active environments, aims to create safe places and spaces for people to be physically active.
  3. Creating active lives is the third action and this centres on the provision of opportunities for physical activity; for example through community based programmes.
  4. Creating active systems which calls for more coordinated systems and policies as well as monitoring and accountability.

The consultation on the draft action plan is open until 22nd September 2017.